• BigDingo

    #31 is so cute… hope when I have a kid s/he gets along with the dog. I'd hate to have to choose.

  • whatever

    #32 I want to go there now!!!

  • Asian_Princess

    #22…i can think of something for you to do with that tongue there;)

    • COCO

      Nasty, control your minds. What if your mother sees this.

  • bluthfan

    whooooo is #22

  • Diana Santos

    #32..wait..the guys are sending their pics to the berry now? yay!! ^_^

    • ale

      XD… we haven´t started with the " find him."

      • Bren

        Well, I think we should.

  • Diana Santos

    love #28 and #30❤

  • Ava


  • emily

    Hello to you, too #32… :3

  • WhatWillBee

    i dont get #25, why am I peeling an apple?

  • JosieBelle

    Berry – you MUST find #22 !

  • napamamascribe

    I'll take #22 with a side of #6 and #10. Now please.:)

  • MissRosi

    I love my country! Everyone come and hangout with us, its gorgeous here!

    • Ashley

      We'd love to! But we're in a recession and the flight is 24 hours😦

      • Ashley

        … Correction: recession is technically over, but still. 24 hours.

  • thedingoateyour...

    #20 that's about all your gonna get to kiss

  • Wavien

    #7 At least they're happy together, and don't need friends helping them with the furniture when they move in together!
    #32 Bugger off ^_^

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