• BigDingo

    I pee standing up when my wife isn't home. It's not a very good secret cause bathrooms are my chore anyways.

  • Asian_Princess

    #5…you'll find a man who loves all of you, including the things about your culture…it will happen, it happened to me…

    • thedingoateyour


    • R.C.

      My very blond daughter married a Japanese man 26 years ago.. They adore each other and he is her hero… It's the people involved, not the ethnicity..

  • Diana Santos

    #1 wow..that place is beautiful!😮

  • JayCO

    I'm terrified someone will recognize my drawings on the secret I sent in….I want it to get posted but I hope no one sees it/;

    • thedingoateyour...

      try to live life will ya?

      • Wavien

        Try to shut up and get out of here? This is obviously not for you if you're just being mean.

  • Chartric

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that informtaion earlier!

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