The new cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (11 photos)

Last night, the new dancing stars were announced during the Bachelorette.

Click HERE to see a synchronized slow dance!

  • Lisa

    Oh man. Macchio. I'm giving him a nod. 😉 I might…maybe…make time in my life to watch some t.v.

  • Dan

    Hines Ward is a Wide Receiver.

  • jimmy

    #11 Austin Powers: "That ain't no woman. It's a man, man!"

  • Devon

    #7 Psycho Mike is a sexy beast. Too bad he got voted off first.

    P.S. It's "Loveline," not "Love Lines."

  • Aboubakar

    they were going to report the issue to sueirpors, and I should call: 888-591-2190, they are available between 5 AM 8 PM MST. Maybe if we flood them we can do something? A bit pessimistic, but maybe it’s worth a try.

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