• Wavien

    #31 Who lives like that anyway!?

    • Go Firth!

      i def want to

  • Josh

    #10……marijuana is a hell of a drug

  • Bob

    #15…I LOVE doing this. Love it. If you're stupid enough to stand that close to the curb, it's really your own fault.

    • COCO

      Me too, especially to children and old people

      • Jules

        I love how the lady in the car is smiling:)

    • hhfrhjh

      ass hole

    • Josh

      I know….if you are really that eager to cross the road waiting for the car to pass, you deserve it. I hope you are at a baseball game and get hit in the face with a bat…I mean you deserve it if you go to a baseball game. Instant karma should be a real thing

      • Josh

        my friend said that you would be more likely to get hit with a baseball…..so I hope you get hit with a baseball or a bat or birdshit

    • whatever

      I hope all the people sue you and you have to pay the cleaning of the clothes.

  • Kc13

    #17 throwback to CatDog kind of made my morning.

  • Tee6

    #11 so mean yet so true! And love #12!

  • knuckledonkey

    #30 THAT'S how I will commute. Sweet.

  • WhatWillBee

    #30 I want to sit in the bench while jenson ackles and ryan gosling cycle me around the world……oh and they're naked….

    • Jules

      Awesomely, that is really easy to picture n my head:) thanks for the visual!

  • Mmm_Ciao

    Haha, this has happened to me before. #27

  • marie

    John Lennon song = instant karma, I suppose the shop owner is a Lennon fan : )

  • http://www.facebook.com/shamma.alnuaimi Shamma Al Nuaimi

    LOL ,story of my life! #27

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