Daily Awww: You have always been this cool… (35 photos)

Thanks for sending in your original childhood photos for this post. YOU need to send YOUR awkward childhood photos now!
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Emily & Megan

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  • TicTac

    #34 ahhhhh thank you Berry for posting my pic😀 big smile over here!

  • Irene

    thanks Berry😀 i like all the picss!! we have such a wonderful childhood memoriessss

  • Lisa

    It is pretty cool huh tictac? I'm gonna send a link to this gallery to my Dad. That's his fireman stuff I'm wearing in pic #3. :) 😉 Circa 1975. :)

    Is #33 Leo as in Resig?

    #35 I have girl friends who would have killed to have your hair hun. 😉 Heck…guy friends who would have loved it too!

  • Bubbles

    #6 Thanks for posting me and my barbie bike! That fringe was epic…my grandmother cut it one day when she was looking after me, it pretty much went to about halfway up my scalp. Needless to say my mother was horrified but I wasn't allowed to grow it out until after Nan passed away because my Mum didn't want to offend her mother-in-law. Thanks Mum! http://theberry.com/2011/03/03/daily-awww-you-hav

  • Catence

    It is so strange to be seeing a post and then seeing your picture posted. Made my day!

  • Kim

    My first picture to make it in a post! #32, check out that style😀

  • http://www.nieziemskie.com/tag/kosmici/ kosmici

    Cute kid

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