• http://twitter.com/Tarragonist @Tarragonist

    #27 made my day😀

  • Indy Girl

    #27 is full of WIN!

    • Rahime

      I also agree that it’s a good thing that the Gaza freedom march is rnivceieg press. This is typical of Egypt to pull a stunt like this, where as the time approached to the march, to claim that it is illegal and prohibited. They did this with the previous two Viva Palestina aid convoys. I dont think its that Egypt doesnt care about its image, but rather that it cares MORE to appease Israel and US to show that it is doing all it possibly can to prevent this from happening by constructing a wall (which we have learned from history that its a false sense of security and ALL walls will eventually fall), and that is it condemning the march. The last thing Egypt wants is to in any way demonstrate that it is supporting this intiative. While the Egyptian people are supporting Gazans and demanding that their government stop supporting Israel/US, their cries are ignored by Mubarak’s bribes. InshaAllah you all get through and back safely and that the siege on Gaza is broken once and for all. The international community must know and be informed about what is going on in Gaza, and YOU are raising their consciousness and doing just that.

  • RayRay

    #29 The Star IS shopped….see Molokini Crator off Maui, Hawaii.

    • Tee6

      you are right!

  • Butterz

    #32 Your battery is low.

  • WhatWillBee

    #29 must be Turkish😉 and
    #30 anyone else have aerosmith stuck in their head after that?

  • napamamascribe

    #33 I cant wait for summer

    • Kristen

      ichetucknee springs in florida ftw. its a summer spot for locals every year.

  • Sarah

    #5 – Damn – now I want an ice cream…. (Second one in from the left at the back, mik one covered in what I assume is nuts, or the marbled one….)
    #20 – OMG – I'd so love that – but could imagine just opening up and squeeeeezing till I couldn't fit any more in! lol (I love nuttella!)
    #25 – Sorry but what the heck is that thing?
    #29 – Isn't that one of those purposely manufactured islands? (some of which they believe are sinking back into the ocean)

    • Richard

      #25 is a tornado potato. It's a potato that has been spiral cut and then fried. They have different flavored salts you can put on them. It's common street food in Korea.

  • Ashley

    This is the best gallery in a while. Love the gifs interspersed with the normal pictures. Too many favourites to list here! Good job Berry:)

  • Magna
  • GypsyBread

    #27 Please let this be real!

  • Trish

    Is that a deep fried potato on a stick? Dear God, please tell me that is a deep fried potato on a stick. Even if it isn't, it looks like one. And now I am going to have to go deep fry a potato on a stick

  • April

    Where is #33? It loks like a place I go every summer!

    • Kristen

      ichetucknee springs, Florida. I live a couple hours away and make it a point to go a couple times a summer. you rent (or bring your own) tubes/anything inflatable (i got a gator last time!) and float down a natural spring for about an hour or so, depending on the tide. it is beyond beautiful!

  • KBizzle

    "Think HAPPY thoughts, Oscar!"

  • Jester

    Where is that? I want to make it my life's mission to find it!

    • Dudemeister

      Mate..I think you did the wrong pic…

  • b-girl

    Still have my Gameboy; Tetris is the only game I had for it, my thumbs hurt when I think of the hours I spent playing with it. Thanks for the laughs and smiles.

  • Naravas

    Thank You to all the men and women who serve for their country. It brnigs a tear to my eye every time I see a soldier in uniform, knowing that they are keeping us safe and free. Thank You and God Bless every one of them!

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