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  • Ruby

    One more proof that I certainly can not sing.

  • wanda

    Invest in this child. She is VERY VERY gifted. With tune, voice and memory for the music. I enjoyed listening and watching her with the personality as she song this song. Beautiful !!! Im telling you, invest in her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malvina-Villalpando/100002143009661 Malvina Villalpando

    she is so sweet, pretty, cool, friendly…and ther is one more bonus: SHE IS TALENTED!!! she sings better than all my friends and my friends are 11,12 and 13!!! she is a talented girl, and u should invest in her:)

  • Katie

    Is it me or is a guy playing a guitar hot (even if you can't see his face) oh yeah and the girl rocked:)

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