• http://www.nieziemskie.com/tag/kosmici/ kosmici

    Hehe funny

    • COCO

      Not really.

      • Navid

        Your website has to be the elcetrnoic Swiss army knife for this topic.

  • Wavien

    #15 Amazing! Anyone knows who made it?
    #49 Why?😦

  • Lee

    #37? It's spelled "Persistence". But real nice penmanship! :c)

  • Lexxy

    #46 is so cute!

    • COCO

      Not really. When they grow old and the skin starts sagging, the tattoo will look ugly.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ancient.angel Karen Giselle DeDiego

        i understand what you mean by that but even when when the skin is sagging and wrinkled they'll still have a reminder of being young and loving each other. And if they drift apart and decide they don't want it to represent their relationship anymore they'll remove it and the scars will be a reminder of when they were young and impulsive, if just a little stupid. What I'm saying is that the wrinkles will be the least important things to them. Sorry if I ranted.

        • COCO

          Sorry taken. I totally understand your point. What a very wise point, i never thought of that.

  • http://twitter.com/ANNAOMGZ @ANNAOMGZ

    What's up, dream house?

  • COCO

    The pictures were okay. Hopefully next time, the pictures will be better and actually funny.

    • kinda annoyed

      oh i'm sorry, your highness expects more next time? pics were awesome. GTFO

      • COCO

        The pictures were not even close to awesome. The pictures made me puke a little in my mouth.

      • COCO

        oh i'm sorry, are you kinda annoyed by my awesomeness.

      • COCO

        I am so sorry for what i wrote earlier. I was in a bad mood. My bf refuse to satisfy me in bed and i got really angry. I normally go to this site to help cool me down. You are right, some pictures are pretty awesome.

        • Lau

          The berry has found it's new troll. Awesome.

  • mali_sapun

    #16 I wouldn't mind going there.
    And #23 is brilliant. I just wouldn't know which one to pick

  • Skye

    #8 my mom has always wanted a white peacock, but she's only been able to get just regular ones bc she couldn't afford the white ones or find a breeder of them, if I had the money I would get them for her (: stupid college.

    • Mmm_Ciao

      Aw. That's sweet of you.

    • COCO

      Can you get a ramdom bird and paint the feathers white. That may come close to a white peacock.


      I love the word peacock, excuse my dirty mind.

  • Eve

    #38 bahahaha

  • Mmm_Ciao

    #19 is amusing
    #24 I hope to find someone like that someday.❤
    #42 nice shoes.

  • saner than coco

    The berry might want to block coco…she sounds like she might be off her meds and could hurt someone.

    • COCO

      I am okay, not a crazy person unlike Paula. People have there bad days and this is one of them.

  • Tag You're It

    #49 Is that for real? What a sad thing to see. I almost always smile at anyone I make eye contact with. They don't always smile back and some of them look at me like I have one eye in the middle of my forehead but I smile anyway…It's a dying art !! So many people walk around like they hate everybody and hate their life. I guess some do hate everything, but I guess a lot of people don't smile back or give you a smile first because they are just really assholes? Just my 2 cents!

    • whatever

      Actually I guess it's more like an ironic poster. You know, like you read it and realize people do rarely smile when traveling by the underground.

  • Diana Santos

    #3 love that movie❤

  • pam

    #8 is so beautiful!

  • tha drizzle

    #12 was a pretty good girlfriend til I brought a bowl of queso dip to bed one night. She never was the same after the burns healed up.

  • misschris

    #18 is SO CUTE!!!

  • Jules

    #4 is cool, I kinda want one NAO! Lol, that would be a womans equivilant of the manimals MOAR request:)

    • Jules

      Oops I meant #44

  • Asian_Princess

    #3 – kick ass classic movie!!
    #18 – another reason why i love her:)
    #26 – speechless…

  • aVA

    #26 why not? id try anything once.

    • Jenaya

      What liberating knwoledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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