• Mmm_Ciao

    We could all use some soft toilet paper on our genitals. #23

    • Frank Reynolds

      Didn't even realize the spelling goof. I just saw the other one: "Save $2.50" when it says "save 1.40" below it.

      • hedgeraven

        The save 1.40 is without super saver which must be a store discount card or something like that.

  • Eve

    definitely LOL'ed with #33 haha

  • mr_z

    i live 10 minutes away from crestwood. lol now most places cant make it without having employees that speak a second language. hahahahahhahahahaha

    • Stacey

      What state though? I used to live in Crestwood, Kentucky but that sign isn't from that one.

  • http://www.nieziemskie.com/tag/kosmici/ kosmici

    Interestingly absurdities

  • kikiklas

    #19 we bye used cars might be on purpose like they sell them fast…. but I'm kinda worried about the quotation marks around "for trucks & cars" . is it a quote? or maybe an euphamism? idk seems kinda fishy to me.

    • deathbybreath

      I think this is in Monroe Louisiana. The sign is a play on words, not a fail. The idea is that you say good "bye" to your old car and get a new one.

      I didn't say it was funny…

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  • Asian_Princess

    #30 makes me wonder… photoshopped…actual stupidity? so many questions…

  • hedgeraven

    #29 The bottom boxes have the packing straps taken off of them. It looks like product that had problems with it and they either need to be quality checked or they are straight scrap product.

  • Wolfram

    #28 made me laugh… wtf

  • Jonny P

    Whats wrong with #6? Is it the underwear?

  • Nicnac

    #16 or dick sucking station…

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