Morning coffee (30 photos)


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  • Asian_Princess

    if i went skiing and saw #5 i think i just may shit my pants…
    surprised #10 wasn't posted on the chive….
    mmmmmm #12 & #28….

  • bubblerider86

    #21 "what's irony, mom?" ;)

  • amanda

    #19 what???

    • Sarah

      Gotta agree with you!
      Sorry – either it doesn't make sense or I'm having a really dense day as I totally couldn't get it

      • zookeeper

        Immediately to the right of his body, under his chin, where his 2 arms stick out, they form a triangle. It should be the same colour as the background, but it's white instead.

  • Billie Page

    I'm from this place… this is what our summers looked like!

    • Sarah

      Wow :D
      part of me wants to thumb you down cause I'm somewhat jealous! lol (but I wont of course!)
      But how beautiful is that…

    • Kristen

      i sent this in! yayay!

  • WhatWillBee

    I want to pull a #16 to #12 and #28

  • napamamascribe

    #5 I would freak out.

  • napamamascribe

    I want to take #28 to #27 and stay there forever.

  • Eve

    i thought those were condoms… lol

  • Eve

    #13 is hilarious. lol

  • verrueckt

    can we start doing 'find him' things like the 'find her' stuff on the chive? because seriously
    find him!

  • Diana Santos

    #28 who is he??? :o

  • GypsyBread


  • Ashley

    #28 – I don't normally go for muscley guys but I got to agree more
    #20 – Yay for FL! Proud to be a life long native!

  • Mmm_Ciao

    #4 I'm a bit frightened by the ocean, but this is beautiful.
    #7 I'm going rock climbing this weekend, hopefully I won't have to improvise like this.
    #16 Can't…resist…cuteness. *cuddles*

  • cartmanrules

    #9 ummmmmmm, my "coment" is that you spelled "comment" wrong. wonder how many times you're gonna have to hear that?

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