• bubblerider86

    Oh how i miss the simpler (way more awesome) times!😐

  • MsAnonymous

    aahh memories
    good times good times:)

  • Zoey

    #22 The cherry goo was the best part!

  • Surelock

    Wow, Popples! I remember having the stuffed animal.

  • Diana Santos

    #22 i never saw that before..here in portugal only exists the apple pie😥

  • aVA


    • http://www.facebook.com/KevinIreland73 Kevin Ireland

      Any cherry was my favorite.

  • Troy

    #4 FTW

  • Greg Suatrez

    I wish I went to school where you went. As far as I can remember, our school cafeteria served us the equivalent of dog shit and mulch. But it only cost $0.60, so how can you complain?😉

  • Russ

    #8 I think the pepperoni is shopped. Ours were little squares

  • Lynne McNaught

    You need to do a UK version of this.:)

  • amanda

    I miss these so much #25

  • Flibble

    they recently brought back the mcd's cherry pie in the uk. I was sooooooo happy to eat cherry snot again.

    • lawtonfunk

      I really do miss cheeseballs.

  • MT Pockets

    OMG, I loved number 6, yum! Especially the ones that had a lot of bubbles in the chip! Bring those back! Anyone remember O'Boisie's chips?? I loved the drink in number 5!

  • marina

    one of my biggest surprises when I went to the States as an exchange student, was the amount of junkfood in the cafeteria. I couldn't believe we had to choose between the hamburger or the pizza menu, and if we didn't like it, we could go to the snack bar and icecream bar automats that were in the cafeteria.

  • zdrake13

    #5 Orange hugs are the greatest thing known to man

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that Justin Bieber??

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  • Sarah G

    I had that one too! I wish I still had it.

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