• livenlove

    i don't get #10

    • napamamascribe

      When you have a fairly nasty scar people like to reccomend products or sugery to make it look better. Its like telling us we should hide this trauma we survived.

    • Lisa

      I don't "get" it either. I have a very large scar on my arm courtesy of a rottweiler. I was 6 weeks pregnant and he was going for my neck. I put my arm up instead. I thank God he was on a 6 foot chain that was bolted to a HUGE dog house. I am still afraid of large black dogs, but I love that scar. It proves that I was injured, that I survived, that I healed, and that I am stronger now, than I was. :)

  • Bob

    #1…This is incorrect. Home is indeed a place.

  • VampJenn

    #10 i've got a lot of badass scars too. i hated them at first but now i love them. they show that i survived a nearly fatal car crash.

  • nine0zero

    #1 Am I the only person that has never understood why people think putting a black line across someones eyes, and only thier eyes, will "disguise" them and make them unrecognizable? It's like celebs wearing sunglasses in public and they think no one will recognize them. Pretty stupid way to be "annonymous". I could pick those two in the pic out of a lineup of 50 people by their hair, their nose, thier ears, their mouth, their smile, their face shape, etc.

  • Skye

    #4 couldn't agree with you more and I hate it, I lost who I am ):

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