• Wavien

    #22, #26 & #28 Made me lol😀

  • AusPyro

    #19, #23

    19 – Dont leave the poor thing in a cage then meany!!!!

    23 – My first dog was called Ella! i miss her!

    • kenz

      some dogs you have to leave in a cage while your away or they will do that to everything else. But one way to help stop that is to give them a bone and they focus on chewing that. I gave my dog a raw hides and now she doesn't chew anything up even when I don't give her the bone

      • http://www.facebook.com/KaylaSmith43 Kayla Smith

        I give my dog (a black lab, named Sadie) raw hides A LOT, like every other day, and I still have stuff strewn across my entire backyard. Yes, she's an outside dog, and would not have it any other way!! She hates to be indoors!! She does of course have her dog house for when she wants to get out of the weather.:-)

  • Sarah

    omg, you guys put my piggy on here! that has totally made my day!! Thanks Berry, you rock!😀

    • R.C.

      Your piggy rocks!!!

  • montez


  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    #27 looks angryy! lol

  • Asian_Princess

    #16 – is that a shamwow against the kitty??
    #22 – normally hearing that is funny as it is…but i think its extra hilarious the fact that he's a white pup!! adorable, and i love his face, its as if he knows that he did something he shouldn't have lol

  • Lynne McNaught

    #2 So sorry for your loss

    #15 is totally hysterical. I love it.

  • Jenna

    Thanks Berry !!!! I'm so happy to see my babies on here ! #3 and #4

  • nana

    i think number 5 is the cutest dog of all! i want to cook him up and eat him! MMMMMM!

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