• Amelia

    He totally looks like James Marsden in #13

  • http://www.facebook.com/fran.rh Fraan Amaretto

    Hot until #26 … He looks like a woman.

  • Januš

    zboznujem Matthew Graya Gublera najoblubenejsi herec a najlepsiii !!! spoznala som ho z Myslienkoch Vraha od vtedy je to moj naj serial =* ❤

  • k? b?

    Eh, I wouldn't say hot, cute, or adorable in a way but I must agree something about intelegence with a great smile and good hair does have its ways of attractiveness, but I must say I rather prefure longish shaggy for his type of hair style I believe it makes him fit more with his type of character.

  • k? b?

    Numbers one and six are most definetly my favorite pictures though, I like the long shaggy hair .

  • Jessie



  • MGG

    he is so perfect omggggg I LOVE HIM *-*

  • ximena

    mm… its my boyfriend

  • mary

    Is he gay

  • Anonymous

    ew can we say heroin

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    Afternoon eye candy: Matthew Gray Gubler (33 photos) : theBERRY

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