• Wavien

    #2 Aww :$
    #7 LOL!!

    • dude is a pimp


  • Asian_Princess

    #4 – i don't believe that he didn't get hurt at all!
    #6 – lol that looks like so much fun!!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    cagemate: dude, you should totally go troll around theBerry!
    me: #10

  • R.C.

    #7 is one of the funnest I've seen… "like a boss"

  • 0Bianka0

    Kk now that I've checked what's new on Chive and Berry, I'll go and watch The Bachelor and eat Nutella. Ready, steady, go!

  • OhSomeEvil

    No Larry, you gotta guess which hand.

  • figurefour

    #11 badass points.

  • nerdmama82

    # 2 was cute! and #7 was hilarious! I would have dont the same…

  • jessie

    Love How I met your mother gifs!!

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    i'm in love with #12 haha

  • Éire22

    #9 Quality ad!

  • tastykak3s

    #11 – i thought he was going to get hit by a train mid jump. chive you tease

  • Nine9Zero0

    #2 Learning/taught at an early age to go after the white woman? Kinda not even cute that the little boy is kissing adult women on the lips so freely. Let me guess…his momma is white and his absent 'daddy' is black?? Thumb it down all you want…you KNOW it's the truth TOO MANY times.

    • JPV

      kinda being a bitch, Thumb it UP all you want…you KNOW it's the truth TOO MANY times.

  • Maggie

    xD lmao… your just a hater….and thats the TRUTH>>>haha:D

  • Wawa

    I definitely like the pcrspeots of underwater photography. I had a question though about your 80% throwout rate. Were the pictures you deleted completely terrible? Just not up to your professional standards? Dark? Blurry?Thanks for taking the time to write up the review for your underwater experiences.ThanksKarl

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