• Basement Cat

    pants are a played out accessory, clearly

    • Beltes

      Maybe it's because so many couldn't figure out how to pull them up – they just gave up completely…

  • Lindsey

    #16 … There are no words …

  • Stormy

    #15 Eva is lookin' fabulous!

  • jazzberry


  • hedgeraven

    I want those boots though.

  • fsdgfdg

    guess covering up to leave some mystery is gone

    • guest

      I agree. Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney–I understand, those are costumes. But if you choose to carry that look into public, where people can see you, you definitely have a problem. Swimsuit bottoms, tiny exercise shorts, panties…these are not appropriate bottoms to wear in public.

      Remember the days when ankles were sexy?

  • Hannar

    I'm quite pleased to see that Lady Gaga and Rihanna actually have thighs rather than twigs. Beautiful.😀

  • James K

    #11 is haunting!

  • Ambrocious

    Jem on crack?!


  • mith

    #8 Over rated and still can't sing. #11 Just a G/D freak…. #19 Extremely, over rated and the only person that actually cares anything about her is her self. #21 Waiting for the sex tapes to come out. #22 Please no more sex tapes… EVER.!

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  • Chris Farley

    Mila, coolest chick ever !! #18

  • Philo

    #13 i will never understand why people think she is beautiful…..it boggles the mind

  • Semper

    She looks atrocious. Her torso is already spatulate and that…..outfit…..is doing it no favors

  • Ireri

    Aish…I get it, I do, I hate pants, too. But there are these things…called skirts…


    Whoodathunk? Miley had the best legs of the whole group!

  • Puddin

    Rihanna, Lady Gag gag and Pam Anderson=talentLESS, lame & down right ugly! Aw hell, I forgot the ever high and irresponsible Lindsey COKEhan..double ewwwww.

  • Puddin

    Yea, there is a theme…ugly talentless ho's who conveniently forgot their britches. LOL!

  • asdffffing annoyed

    I'm sorry, but every single one of these pictures looks ridiculous…the ONLY exception maybe is Julia Roberts….but seriously…fashion has become ridiculous……what happened to natural beauty….LOOKING LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT GONE WRONG IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT!

  • Anonymous

    Would it kill anybody to mention the names of these people? Yes, I recognize about 2/3 of them… but the others are a mystery.

  • Kathryn

    It's understandable is they're actually on stage performing because those are costumes, not outfits. But if you were these out in public, well…

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