Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of Ireland (33 photos)


Happy St. Paddy's day to all!

Click HERE for more eye candy!

  • Hollie

    I <3 this post and love the drinking photos of you fab ladies!!!!

  • bubblerider86

    Irish hotties…my ultimate fantasy (Damn i love the accent) <3

  • Vanessa

    I love Cillian Murphy! Had no idea he was from Ireland 'til now.

  • naty Montero

    #3 #21 <3:*

  • Basement Cat

    #20 JRM! <3

  • jessie

    #21…………..OMG yes!!!!….love him!…he should have his own post in eye candy

  • Meredith Long

    Yes to several, but Im much more partial to the scotsmen!

    • Lynne McNaught

      You'll have to wait till St Andrews for that thread.

  • woop

    yeah, berry! nothing like a little bit of ddl action to make a good day better.

  • nerdmama82

    O_o_O yum!!! Luck of the Irish indeed~!

  • Vrani_Volosa

    Liam Neeson !!!

  • ale

    nice!!! #25… hello!

  • | Padjaklubi

    […] Iirimaa kingitused maailmale (eilse St. Patricku päeva puhul) – Theberry […]

  • Kc13

    Holy hell Damien Rice…forgot that he was amazingly attractive. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Diana Santos

    #1 he is a good mixture between an angelical boy and bad devil..i love it <3

  • Bean

    Not sure of the techincal term but I call them G.I. Joe lines. I <3 JRM!!

  • mimi

    I don't find many of these guys hot…but irish accents are my favorite!

  • Leilani Medule

    Colin, Liam, Pierce, and Cilian….Omg…..would eat them alive! <3

  • Mmm_Ciao

    I love this guy. #4 #5

    • MsAnonymous

      me too :)

  • yh66600

    Note to self: Move to Ireland ASAP

  • anna

    Hello sexyy! :D

  • ashley

    … almost every man you posted is Scottish. Not Irish.
    They aren't the same thing.

    • Mar

      I'm irish,I'm pretty sure they are too.

  • Jacalina

    #21… OH YES PLEASE!!

  • misschris

    #18 I think Gabriel Byrne is a very sexy older man. I love The Usual Suspects!

  • jtorresfuentes

    where's Gerard Butler :(

    • Mar

      He's scottish

  • Chris

    Daniel Day-Lewis is actually English

    • Smurfy

      His father is Irish, he holds dual British and Irish citizenship and he has lived in Ireland since the mid nineties so I think he deserves a spot on this list!

  • derfball

    #14 B U M

  • derfball

    #28 W A N K E R

  • derfball


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