• coolguy

    looks like he's sneering 99.99999 percent of the time…

  • VampJenn

    he looks bad ass in #7

  • amanda

    I think this dude looks kind of gross except in #8

  • Amy

    Oh hell yeahhh! This is a winning post

  • Betty

    Is that a scar on his lip or something? It makes him look like he's doing a half duck-lip or something…

  • Irene

    not really cute.but he is sexy😛

  • misschris

    I can never hear the name Shiloh w/o thinking of Grandma's Boy and saying Guy-blow.. lmao!

  • kee

    weird looking dude.

  • Mmmandiii

    Heeeey, he played in that movie "Dead Girl" didn't he?? I recognize his tatts.

  • Alberto

    what type of hairstyle is this?#29 and #9 does anyone know?

  • wyett

    in picture #9 and #29 does anyone know what type of hairstyle that is?

  • Amyyyleiiin

    He is so sexy and eyes woooow *____*

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