• aaa

    why is girly stuff so much cooler than guy stuff. seriously you get all this awesome stuff and all we get is screw drivers and pick axes. im jealous😀

    • Wavien

      Which is why I visit Berry more than Chive:)

    • Lisa

      Because we're girls. And girls are better. (Aside from the whole standing up to pee & opening really tough jars thing.) :) 😉

  • whatever

    I would love to see the rest of the tat in #16.

    • Ashley

      That's probably a cover-up piece. Very few people originally opt to have their arms completely enveloped in black ink.

  • Basement Cat

    #32! I thought I was the only one who did that xD

    • glitched

      My last girlfriend did that and was surprised when I did it.

  • That Guy

    #6 i want an imaginary friend. sure it's frowned upon by society but what they don't know want hurt them.

    • Lisa

      Your imaginary friend likes me better anyway. Just sayin'. 😀

      • That Guy

        Higgins does not. he's just using you for the cookies and absinth that you so willingly give to him. you will kill him one of these days.

        • Lisa

          I am a taxidermist…I can make another one that looks just like him for ya…the new one would be neater…the whole crumb thing is starting to get to me…

          LOL (Thank you.) 😉

          • That Guy

            there is only one Higgins.. he can't be replaced.

    • Jessica

      Dear Krishna sir , Namastee I rellay rellay want you to thank for your precious information about my birth place Ghandruk and also hope that u will give a continuity about what is done, what is doing & what the plans are being made for the development of beautiful village Ghandruk.Thank u .

  • misschris

    #17 – My first thought? The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Damnit, now that song is stuck in my head! I hate you!!!😛

  • any

    #10 what? ugly boots?

  • Kc13

    #7 is adorable

  • RandomOnlooker

    #18 is what I want to see when I wake up in the morning!

  • orely?

    #7 is someone implying they are boning? or?

  • Lisa

    Nah…you're not gonna get outsourced any time soon…so long as women still like fu…{ahem}…yes well…so long as women like…well…yes…moving on now. 😀

    • That Guy

      just beat around the bush then why don't you? i've seen the contraptions they've come up with these days… on educational websites. so men hold onto child bearing abilities. it's near the end.

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    #32 hahaa! i do that every night! =]

  • whydood

    #10 why? why u picking on her? him?

  • testington

    #30 that song JUST came on Pandora when I clicked this link!!!

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