• Jullianna

    Wow – that really is good…good and fake!

  • Amelia

    This kid has got to be a prodigy or something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Billie.Badd.Ass Billie Page

    there was an article about this kid in the paper about a year ago… about how and why his father faked this video… then showed the kid draw a picture by himself… it wasnt that great but the kids real picture didn't come out bad either. but a very entertaining picture

    • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      why did he fake it? and how? i mean it seemed kinda fake as he was doing it because it hardly ever showed him painting from far away it was either a close up of the kid or a close up of the painting

      • marie

        static plastic hand that has only one movement
        if you look close you can even see the fake hand

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    […] Three-year-old Genius Makes Ninja Turtle Painting theBERRY. […]

  • kevin

    Way to post a video that over 4 years old.

  • Auth

    what sort of gear did you use, were you self-sufficient? Do you have a blog or jnoural coerivng the trip and what gear you used in more detail? I am thinking of doing a tour through Scandinavia next year and am trying to work out what gear I’ll need.

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