• Basement Cat

    so handsome! #22

    Berry, can we have many other different races too? How about some Hispanic men? :)

    • RkyMtHighGirl

      Totally agree, Basement Cat. Latino men are HOT! This was a nice change from the cookie cutter blonde/blue eyed men we generally see. I have not met too many asian men that I found truly attractive until now!

  • Evelyn

    I'm not sure who this is but i would really like to get to know him…

  • ale

    while i saw this gallery all I had on mind was a ridiculous nerd rage, thinking, live-action Akira, haves to be with asians!

  • Quynh

    I think there should be an Asian post! Of different Asian men. :D~
    I Would die of happiness!

  • aznlady

    well konichiwa….

    • linda

      he's korean… konichiwa is japanese😛

      • rlp271

        an young ha sae yo? would be Korean

  • Liam

    How about Persian men. Lebanese men are delicious. Hispanic, Russian, etc, etc, etc.

  • Leilani Medule

    Mmmmmm delicious!

  • NympheTamine

    hottie!! though im in love with dennis oh. you should dedicate a post to him:)

  • GypsyBread

    Wow. I think this is the first post where I couldn't pick a favorite photo! So sexy!!!

  • Irene

    i like him..especialy because he plays on a very good drama–!!

  • Ele

    this man is painfully beautiful
    i love asian men's profiles…SIGH

  • Marife Arangote

    Love men wearing glasses! XP

  • LaLa

    i had a happy dance when i saw this post… full gallery of So Ji Sub's pictures… yey… make me feel more normal… you should have more asian man…

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