• KG-irl

    I hope that the song doesn't suck

  • alicat

    Is it just me or she incredibly over rated?

  • 8888

    It's just you

  • Ashley

    This is interesting/scary. Makes me want to see the video, though.

    • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      yeah i really wanna see it now too, the song is actually pretty good

  • Amanda

    wtf, okay Lady Gaga.

    • That Guy

      what like lady gaga has the rights to weirdness? if katy starts showing up in wacked out dresses i'll concede she is a copy cat. till then she is just being unique.

  • alicat

    Ok, just saw the video last night…lady gaga is right! Give me a break…plus I didnt know aliens had corn rows.

  • ali

    I think once you do pro active commercials its pretty much over for me

  • Irene

    katy perry is a copycat!!

  • Nur

    You guys are so pretentious, what does it mean be clssay and have tact ? Are we living in a different century? The paps totally had it coming and also whatever it wasn’t even embarrassing or tactless to admit something like that. I don’t give two shits about Katy Perry and her pregnancy or period or whatever but seriously, tactless ? With all the vulgarities and bloody mess we are exposed to all the time? Seriously?

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