• Irene

    i like her soo much..:)

  • Ashley

    Jaw dropping!

  • Gina

    omg this is unbelievable – 10 years old?!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caroline-Willoughby/100000588949174 Caroline Willoughby

    stunning … the performance is brilliant and although this little girl doesn't know the pain behind the words she sings, she does it really well ….. one to watch for the future

  • Brooke C

    I cannot BELIEVE how good Connie has gotten!! Where did our little sweetpea singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" go?? Good job, Connie!!!

  • erin

    AMAZING!! 😮

  • MLB

    So beautiful! It is refreshing to see a child on the internet that is so talented. I really like that you can tell she is truly having fun doing what she is doing. True, she doesn't convey the emotion behind the song but it doesn't mater… her smile says that she loves singing and the youthful innocence of her performance makes it that much more special:-) Very talented!

  • Evelyn

    yeah, her career is already basically guaranteed. she's so talented

  • mauriciennedelabanlieue

    She gives me the chills. Thanks Connie!

  • testington

    Um this is fake right? cause her mouth doesn't match the singing half the time

  • moe

    @Testington.. it is her.. she made it on britain's got talent a few years ago

  • darren

    shame ADELE cant sing it that good

  • Lucy

    Wow Mama Mia that's the best singing I've heard in ages❤ I'm in love with her voice

  • http://macku7it@yahoo.com amazing she's voice so beautiful


  • http://macku7it@yahoo.com wow so beautiful!


  • http://macku7it@yahoo.com carlo baylon

    shes voice is so beautiful its so amaZING

  • http://macku7it@yahoo.com carlo baylon

    go idolgo

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