• Emily

    #3, #12, #24, #26, plus every other one. SO pretty.

    • Emily

      Oh… and #8 is amazing too.

  • marie

    I have a question maybe those living in the US can answer me, or maybe there's some historical facts I could read, because I would really love to know when it started for you to have those enormously high and enormously thick beds, with really thick matresses, where you sink in. I first noticed this when I went to a school exchange in the US when I was 17 (we were in Massachusetts) and all beds, at my home stay family's house and the same at the houses my friends were staying at).
    So we don't have these type of beds here in Europe and I was just curious if maybe somebody knows when or why this changed, because I assume the beds didn's look this way let's say at the beginning of the 20th century, but again, I am not an expert, so if anybody could provide me with information, I would really love to know : )) thanks so much and have a nice evening!!!

    • Jen

      I assumed they were the same everywhere. I took a trip to Europe about 10 years ago and I didn't notice a difference in beds really. Maybe it's a Massachusetts thing. I do know some people with really tall beds. I'm not sure why people like tall beds, I personally don't like having to jump to get into bed. Interesting question. (maybe it's the obesity rate causing beds to be manufactured larger)

      When I was there we traveled our way from Paris to London and were in a different hotel most nights. The big difference I noticed was the lack of shower curtains in hotel showers. Maybe you can help me with knowing why that is. I made a hugh mess every shower. I thought that maybe they all just take bathes instead of showers, but then why have shower heads installed.

      • marie

        Thanks for taking the time to reply!
        Really? That is so interesting. I lived in Paris half my life, other time in Germany and Japan, and I have never encountered any of those beds I saw in Massachusetts, but maybe hotels like to make big kingsize/princess-like beds.
        The only reason I once heard if there are no shower curtains was because of the mold that appears quickly on them and having to change them so frequently is a high cost (but that was a tiny hotel I once was). Other hotels usually have shower "walls" (you know, like a cube where you can shove the doors together.
        But that is an interesting story, I will ask my friends if they have heard of that:)

        • marie

          One positive thing about slightly taller beds would be for those with hip or knee-problems I suppose, so they can get into bed in a standing position (without having to crouch down or bend) and just slide out onto their feet when they wake up. I first had an old traditional futon in Japan (the one you always fold together and put aside after waking up), but soon noticed trouble with my knees when getting up (had a knee surgery) so I had to get a bed (more expensive than futons).
          Anyways, in Paris and Germany I only saw standard 1meter x 2 meter beds, except for those with the luxury of a king-size one (1,40m x 200) but they were all about knee-high
          Again thanks for taking the time!! :))

    • DistractedIndividual

      I personally don't care for the really high beds (As Jen said, I hate jumping up into bed and being able to flop down and just roll out lazily) but I love the big fluffy ones; more room to move and stretch and the feeling of sleeping on a cloud like #6 and #14. 'Merican comforts are always exaggerated to the max.

      I would assume the missing shower curtains mentioned below would just depend on the hotel and whether they can either afford them or afford to keep replacing them due to thefts….Most hotels I have been to have the glass doors instead of curtains because of the thieves.

      • marie

        Oh, so it is because of thefts? Who would steal shower curtains?! (@_@) I thought it was because of the mold and hence the glass doors.
        Thanks for answering!

  • marie

    "all beds.. were the same" I wanted to write, sorry.

  • MsAnonymous

    #11, #27 , #33

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    #12 and #37 please.

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    I'd like to wake up in 19 and die in 35

  • Tink

    Whats with all the white beds? Is it a symbol of purity or something? All I see is a nightmare to keep clean.

  • mskris

    I LOVE the bedding in #16 and i kept noticing all the chandeliers, i think i need to go shopping

  • anna

    you can sleep tite on these for sure
    love #2

  • LAskygurl

    #30 Barbies in the background… I do that too with mine:)

  • LAskygurl1997


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