• mali_sapun

    #17 saves the effort of writing passive-aggressive messages

  • Lynne McNaught

    Wow. 26 good reasons to stay with your parents till you die.

  • KYLE

    #9 has the right idea. What is it with these people that they can't just tell the people they live with to clean the kitchen.

    • V4vendetta14

      They aren't your mother…man up kyle.

      • KYLE

        What the… ? I WOULD be a man about and tell my roommates what I was annoyed about. I wouldn't hide behind notes like these people have done. That's what the person in #23 is saying.

        • KYLE

          I meant #9 obviously

    • jochtr

      So you're still a mama's boy, Kyle? Is that it? Someone has to TELL YOU to clean up your OWN mess? You and the jerk holding the sign should be ASHAMED of yourselves for not having the maturity to clean up after yourselves. Instead, you hide your shame by pretending it is all the fault of your poor roommate that you are a lazy, shiftless, dirty mama's boy. Go back home and let your mama wipe your *ss and leave the real world to the adults.

      • KYLE

        What the holy hell are you talking about ? Lay off the crack pal.

  • Emblem

    #17… I thought I was the only one with a roommate who had sex while I'm trying to sleep. I'd check half the stuff on there off.

  • Johnsonville Brats

    I don't think Passive Agressive means what you think it means.

  • V4vendetta14

    Passive aggressive notes rule!!!!

    I lived in a fraternity with animals. If somebody didn't do the dishes or take out the garbage, you would pile said dirty dishes and garbage in their bed. They rarely did it twice;)

    • Caren

      Kerala BarCamp was fun. Met a bunch of enthusiastic, rellay interesting guys there. It was nice to see the spirits up and lots of activity among the crowd. Here are some pics from the event.

  • Roxy

    The key to having a roommate is to make them sign a 6 month lease. Generally people can only take each others shit for up to a year.

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  • Drew

    lol I love these!! I need that one with the check list!

  • Evelyn

    #9 … hm writing a passive aggressive note to let people know you don't want them to write you passive aggressive notes… hmm…

  • iwannagnomenow

    #25 Hey gnomes… come on over to my place

  • WestpalmP

    think about the author of these notes seeing/walking into the room as a roommate actually reads the note. you would look like mousy twerp. looking like a fucking 7 year old. I'm a dude and this is my guide college roommate life:
    1.buy food together. impossible to not be tempted by another roommates food.
    2.convert to plastic silverware and plates. never do a dish again, EVER(recycle)
    3.one person cleans house, pays smaller rent
    4.if you feel like saying/ writing one of these notes, go somewhere for the weekend

    • What me worry?

      1) Landlady has tenants sign individual leases.
      2) Assigned cupboard and fridge shelf space.
      3) Everyone washes their own dishes immediately after using them. Period. If you can't do that, don't eat at home.
      4) Monthly house cleaner, cost is part of rent/utils.
      5) Landlady pays all the utils herself, she breaks it down in an monthly invoice per tenant
      6) If somebody has an issue, landlady deals with it.

      Real adults can follow this pretty easily. If you can't, you leave. If you're going to throw a hissy fit, you leave. Done and done.

      • What me worry?

        Should also mention that the leases are month to month. Since costs and issues fall squarely on her shoulders, she is pretty good with housemate selection. She's owned/managed a dozen houses this way and it keeps drama and bullshit to a minimum.

        Obviously you don't get to pick your room mates this way, but I've had way less issues here than ANY other room mate situation I've been in before… which has included living with friends or friends of friends, and also in military barracks, college dorms, and subletting.

        Set some solid house rules when people first move in, they either stick to them or they get asked to leave.

  • Nastee

    First off, I am all for these notes if the person you wish to address is not in the house and you are going out as well.
    If he is in, of course I would talk to him about it, but if not – and he's left a mess or something – yes, I would write a note and hope he/she reads it when they get back.
    Why does this seem passive aggressive or the people writing those being labeled as such? Reminding some retarded asshole for the umpteenth time about simple things is annoying as hell, even more so when you constantly wash/clean after them.
    Maybe those folks would like for the pissed off party to become actively aggressive and beat the snot out of them for being an inconsiderable douchebag.

  • http://twitter.com/TannisNinja @TannisNinja

    I have a few of these to post myself hahaha!

    • Eric

      Andrea the pictures are btreah-taking! My very favorite is #5, however #8 & #10 are close behind. Your portrayal of God’s most precious gift of children is heartfelt as is the love you have for your children. Thank you for sharing!

  • sexualniner

    All by women.

  • Sn can

    When you have already confronted/reminded the culprit multiple times in person – it can get very frustrating. Notes are another method and not always the first. I agree with Nastee

  • Bob

    I was never a note guy in school…After countless (initially subtle) and then very upfront comments without change, I completely "broke off" from chipping in with things, because I was doing the majority (buying shared items like laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning "common spaces," etc.) I like a clean surrounding, but I also was able to "tough" it out, too. I bought my own toilet paper, detergent, stopped cleaning, and kept my bedroom in the almost immaculate shape it was in. It became pretty obvious from the seemingly continuous guests we had that "certain" people were to blame for a dirty housing environment.

  • schango

    I feel blessed that I don't live with roommates

  • Shanequa

    Passive aggressive post-it notes piss me off, but so do ignorant room mates that steal shit and don't clea up after themselves. This reminds me of why I love living alone. I had over 17 different room mates in college. What a nightmare!

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  • yocelyn

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