Morning coffee (31 photos)


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  • Wavien

    #20 Love… *sigh* :)
    #23 I normally just stare into it and drool at the same time :P

  • Loki

    #5 got the order wrong…

  • anna

    who wants to eat that.. yuck

  • Basement Cat

    #12… MOAR please

  • Lynne McNaught

    #31 Calgon take me away!

  • Magna

    #23 Glad I'm not the only one!

  • misschris

    #16 – Hmmm, that looks suspicious…

  • Mallory Petersen

    Totally have something like this except it is a DQ Blizzard Maker, but mine is REAL ice cream not plastic.

  • WhatWillBee

    is it just me or is there getting more and more reposts between TheChive and TheBerry? I know they are sister sites but its getting annoying see the same photo posted 3-4 times a week in diff galleries.

    Thanks to #9 and #12 I am now hungry and horny though so thanks for that ;D

  • bee_vicious

    #12 oh baby! (;

  • Ljk

    I want #26

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