• skull head

    wow. a lot better than her last video. it has a good beat and auto tune makes her voice tolerable.

  • Fred Garvin

    Playing in the sewer again Britney?

  • Laura

    Why does she always have futuristic crap in her videos and what the hell is she wearing near the end? That red outfit is horrible. I love Britney, but she needs to realize its not 2000 anymore and her music needs to grow up a bit.

  • Adam

    I am not a fan of her Music, but I have to say that I think she looks better now than she did as a teen. She looks more real, she is a bit thicker and that is a good thing.:)

  • Ashley

    None of the people who hate on her would look as damn good in all those outfits as she does. She's had kids and still looks bangin'. This song is actually popular in the clubs right now. Good for you, Britney:) Getting back on track!

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