Daily Awww: Cute animal GIFS for the win! (12 gifs)


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  • Kimierin

    My day has been crappy so far, this helped a little :)

  • Jessica

    #11 & #12 made my day!! :D

  • WhatWillBee

    #7 I read somewhere that this cat had a jaw problem that stopped it from being able to close its mouth. That gif always kinda made me sad ever since…

  • mali_sapun

    #12 some kind of a fluffy facepalm

  • Chubby

    #1 Maru!
    #8 Maru!!
    #13 Maru!!!

    • Francine

      I <3 Maru!

  • Sara

    I love cats, they are awesome.

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