• leelemon

    #45 and feel free to do so again

    • WestPalmP


      • Ava

        ^You just jealous of his hotness

        • Loradae

          Super ifnromtaive writing; keep it up.

  • Frankie

    If a girl does that, she´s a sexy chiver
    a guy is just…. duche-ish

    • Wavien

      So true

    • Ava

      No you are so wrong! When a guy does that, he is totally sexy!! Women love when a man shows off his muscular chest/abs.
      Frankie, you must be fat.

  • Skye

    #45 OMG!!! Herrrrooooo!

  • Charliegirly

    #45…..OMG….OMG….OMG…that smile got to me too Image #45

    • livenlove

      as well as that very sexy "V"…😉

  • Hollykk

    Lookin good #45😉

  • Evelyn

    #37 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm deliciousssss

  • http://www.facebook.com/fran.rh Fraan Amaretto

    #27 wanna touch that.

  • Lori-Sue

    #27 almost licked the computer screen… yummy!

  • yummimumi

    #45 oh please MMMOOOOOAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  • Kiersten Churchill

    #14 and #57..mother of God..

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #32 is the best freezer ever

  • nine9zero0

    #27 & #37 Seriously??…Those men need to wax away that pube hair thick enough to choke a goat. Nasty!

    • Ava

      Wow, then never date men.

  • amandiola

    #45… yum! Send in more!:)

  • CLo

    #49 I need to know where I can get these!!! PLEASE!!! lol.

  • Egypt

    I went to tons of links before this, what was I tikhning?

  • madamecursorla

    I like how there's one girl in #20 who is dressed as Batgirl at the princess party. She probably was at the costume store and liked the Batman costume even more than the princess one. She's awesome!

    I like this pic because at that age, I got invited to a costume party and wanted to go as Batgirl but my mom made me go as a ballerina instead. That would've been me.

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