• mali_sapun

    thank you. my day is better now.

  • ale

    #22… love some simba!

  • Bean

    #12 Bambi & Thumper

  • Diana Santos

    #19 they can love!❤

  • BuckyKatt

    awww at all of them, especially #11 teehehehe…<3

  • nice one bra

    what am i missing in #32…what is it?

    • Francisca Dinga

      that's a bunny and it's running

  • misschris

    #27 – Baby is thinkin
    "Oh mom, c'mon! You know you yell at me when I do that…"

  • ShelterDog

    #14 looks just like my puppy! So precious.

  • Lindsey

    #16 … "POOP! I think I stepped in POOP!!"

  • FlipFlopBeach

    If someone can look at some of these pictures and STILL believe that animals do not experience human emotions/feelings such as curiosity, affection, love & tenderness then that person is a complete moron that I would hate to personally know.

  • Evelyn

    #4 omg cutest thing ever

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