• Lynne McNaught

    Om nom nom. I love me some Chuck. He is just a BEAUTIFUL man.

  • Boo

    Sexy. Love chuck lol. He’s sexy thou Great post

  • bubblerider86

    i think iā¤ him…..sooo cute!

  • ale

    Chuck, sexy beautiful geek!…

  • Tanya

    Zach Levi is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!! I love nerds!

  • nes

    #6 is a smokin' photo! And I'm loving his smile in #5:)

  • Diana Santos

    love #6 and #18

  • Amelia

    Finally a Zach Levi post! He is so nerd sexy. And he has the BEST smile ever. Hands down. What I would give to see that smile in person.

  • Jules

    Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly why I love The Berry.šŸ˜€

  • Mmm_Ciao

    Hello handsome. #18

  • Becki

    He's SO ungeeky to me… I am married to one and trust me – I have seen very few who look like:
    #18, #13, #28

    OH YES I would…

  • mandyfan

    LOVE Zachari Levi. Especially in #16…why don't the boys at my college look like that?

  • Truth

    Why can't all nerds look like him? No really, I love nerds as I am one, but honestly most nerds are ugly as hell and disgusting and boring. But Zachary Levi's like a freaking supermodel. Tall, dark and handsome and all of that. I love his eyes, they're like this perfect mixture of green and brown. And I would give anything to have him smile at me like that. Not to mention he's super funny and very sweet. Why, why can't there be more like him?

    • Renata

      I agree with you, why can't there be more like him?
      He is so hot and also so sweet !!!!!!!!!! PERFECT

  • Renata

    That is a man,he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Zachary's eyes and i think he has the most perfect smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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