• Knuckledonkey

    Too bad he got shut down. I was getting into it. Forget the girls.

  • Bob

    The girl in the grey hat/hood/whatever-the-hell-that-thing-on-her-head is, wants him inside of her. This kid has more confidence in his little finger than I do in my entire body. Good for him. I'm not even going to make fun of his strange choice on the color of his glasses.

    • That Guy

      his colored glasses are what made the the vid and created an aspect of awesomeness on epic proportions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Billie.Badd.Ass Billie Page

    this little kid rocks!

  • Lynne McNaught

    Awww! He was awesome! Boo to you Apple employee!!! This is what we need more of!

  • DistractedIvdividual

    Awesome! This kid is so cute…BTW even tough the Apple guy was a jerk and shut him down, did anyone else think he was kinda cute?:) Lol

    • Laurend

      Looks like Matthew Morrison!

    • sulkydog

      Hah! I know where this store is and talked to that guy yesterday!

  • addyday

    grief from a tween in a spirit hood.

  • Sara

    did we notice the future little hottie that joined him in the last frame? the kids is a playa! keep rockin out like a freak little pimp man.

  • Birdhaus32

    Those girls are just jealous that they don't have those sweet moves. hahahaha

  • Laurend

    What song is this?

    • Lynne McNaught

      Check it out – will.i.am and Nicki Minaj

  • jessie

    awesome little kid!

  • Rob

    It's funny how that girl in the middle was mean muggin him like he was a loser when she was wearing that stupid ass animal hat, whose the real idiot poser.

  • Diane

    Rock on little man!!!!!!!!! Love it! Apple guy, keep in mind he was probably entertaining half your store so they probably stuck around longer than they would have otherwise, and he didn't hurt a thing!

  • mynameisstolen

    Super cute. Way to express yourself dude! Love it!

  • latika

    is this on youtube?

  • john

    I wish I was as cool as this kid is when I was his age. I'm still not that cool. The Apple guy is a dickwad.

  • Matt

    The guy who shut him off was too nice. If I was at a store and saw an annoying little turd prancing around with no rhythm like that I would have smacked the crap out of him.

    • sehytgjh

      amen… the apple guy just turned the volume down…. damn, trying to buy a computer and some turd is dancin and prancin around with the volume hyped. do it at home.

  • Tam

    Like the boys' energy. Can't stand this song

  • That Guy

    i just watched with my mouth covered and shocked suppressed laughter. best vid i've seen in a long time.

  • livenlove

    i wanna be that kids friend… haaa too cool

  • JackInTheBQx

    Boy's got balls. Right on, little man!

  • marie

    here's the boy's youtube channel!! he has more dance videos in stores!! sooo great

  • Ellie

    I think I'm in love with that kid:)

  • TMK

    Apple should hire this kid to do their commercials, much better than anything else they have created. The bear hat is only ok to wear one night of the year.

  • Buckethead

    dude shut him down is a gigantic asshole, let the kid finish his dance… .what an asshole

  • ispankninjas

    What a Apple Store douchedick employee for shutting that kid down! That kid rocked!!

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