• Wavien

    Hahaha that's awsome

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  • daliah

    again ++ on the cute scale.

  • uniper

    Idiots. Just plain idiots. The dog could SO easily snap at a bubble near her face and then it would be a stupid, totally preventable tragedy.

    • Anon

      Oh, puh-leese .. get over yourself. It's harmless fun, that dog's not going near that child.

      • jadeus

        but you can't guarantee that won't ever happen… dogs along with other animals still have built in instincts that date back to their ancestors… I don't care if you have had a dog since it was a new born puppy that's only ever been around humans and has been 'trained' I will never let it near my kids (when I have them :P)… at heart they are predatory and very dangerous….

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