• Diana Santos

    #29 thank god you repost that berry..how could i miss that? :$ amazing,ty!

  • Diana Santos

    #57 awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!:)

  • Diana Santos

    #47 titanic on real life lol xD

    • lori

      Ummmm Titanic was real life

  • Maranda

    #23 breaks my heart and #38 melts it!

  • 0Bianka0

    #51 #52 I see what you did there…:)

  • Chivette B

    #58 "Must be Italian."

  • marge

    #46 i think the friend with benefits one looks better, i've seen commercials and it actually looks funny

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  • Nicole

    #11, 12 & 29 i love the Sexy Berrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more!!!!!!

  • 0Bianka0

    Come ooooon, Berry, give us Brunch! You know here in Europe it's already morning:)

  • FlipFlopBeach

    #21 His lower abdomen/waist/whatever its called looks really weird and is actully a turn off. What exactly do they call those side buldges that lead to the southern region?

    #59 Uhm…yeah…those little arm floats that slide off so easily are really going to keep that little kid afloat when the wave knocks them off the board and "awesome dad" is tumbling under the water and wave and trying to get to his little girl who is being tumbled around underwater too. Moron!

    • blobby

      that 'awesome dad' is photoshop, note how the kid's skin is not lit in the same way as the surfer's.. plus the angle at which the kid's leaned is totally ridiculous with that dude holding her with a few fingers..

  • Melissa

    Wow #21 looks so good! Talk about a chiseled body!! #11, 12 and 29 only one word came to mind: Yummy!!:)

  • Ele

    #44 my brain exploded from the cuteness
    #50 i don't understand her appeal, she looks like a boy

  • http://www.facebook.com/Milfanie Melanie Thomas

    #40 is FAIL without the famous scratch & sniff Pickle sticker.

  • Lisa love

    Number 11 really we don't giva a shizz you in grad school o.0

  • Word

    Omg! I thought i was the only one that noticed the similarities in both movies😮 #46

  • Jessica

    #27 I'm pretty sure is in Singapore. I tried to get a pic but the taxi was going too fast😦

  • Romy

    where in the world is #61!?

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