• testington

    #18 shave it, but not as short as in the bottom pic. use a #2 clipper JT style

  • Steph

    #18 deffffinitely keep the short buzz (top right)

    • mali_sapun

      agree, top right is my choice also!
      or maybe bit longer like paul rudd in #27? does that haircut suit you?

      • ale

        I totally agree…
        oh!… and #22… Brad Pitt for Christ sake!

    • DistractedIndividual

      Agree as well…A short buzz suits you.

  • bubblerider86

    #18 shave it….i'm not usually a fan of that style , but i'm liking it here… ^_^

  • random onlooker

    #18 I agree with the girls above, go for shaven, but not to the scalp:) Oh and wow by the way! More pics pleeeeeeease!

    • justlivingtoday

      i agree, dont do the scalpy skinhead!

  • hola

    lay off the protein powders —–those stomach muscles scream FAKE PROTEIN…..go do some yoga with body weights- much better look

    oh and top R for hair- while you are down on a girl I promise you she does not want to see you scalp-

  • Ashley

    #18 Top right for sure. Looking really good, by the way😉 More pics please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lacey-Burbach-Nicole/1157760022 Lacey Burbach Nicole

    #18 I agree with everyone else, top right.

  • misschris

    #18 – I think we're all in agreement here – top right short buzz! Hot, and bangin body!

  • Tiff

    Yum. #18 keep it shaved and never wear a shirt again. :o)

    • Tamara

      AMEN SISTER. shirts off!

  • VampJenn

    #18 agreed. top right picture is cute. the short but not bald hair. so sexy

  • VampJenn

    #27 loved when he did that on friends. so damn funny and cute

  • Courtney

    either buzz, or really long:)

  • Lynne Sandilands

    #29 I'd like my medal please Will.

  • Lindsey

    #18 … Top right. Buzzed but with a higher guard. Too short is not attractive. HOWEVER, I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're in the professional world, you may consider keeping it long. If you're not, rock the shit out of your buzz while you can. Feel free to thank me with another body shot.

  • jessie

    #18 top right def….and btw yummy!!

  • SuperTrouper

    #18 Definitely top right! Do we get another pic when you make your decision??

  • Jessica

    #18 Top right picture looks the best!!

    # 22 mmmm 3 sexy men

    #29 Agreed! I think I have done that once!!

  • Danielle

    #18 , I like the upper left the best!
    P.S. – You're gorgeous!!

    • Danielle

      I meant upper right!!

  • girl

    #18 Grow it out longer…

  • haha XD

    #18 you look great in every picture but I like top right the best!

  • skull head

    #18 Shave it

  • Mmm_Ciao

    #18 I like longer hair, so top left.

  • Kat

    #18, honey, don't shave it all off, but keep that buzz. Very sexy.

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