• Kyle

    I think the last thing people are noticing is your hair (or lack thereof), but I'd keep it short, maybe not shaved completely, but buzzcut short.

    • Hollykk


  • Diana Santos

    #21 wowwwwww! and about the hair…i like the second pic..in gray shirt:)

  • Diana Santos

    #24 that sucks😦 you are very cute,i´m sure u will find better😉

    but u came to the rigth place..we will make u dirty things to cheer u up…jk xD

  • British Richard


    Kudos to you maam.


  • Mmm_Ciao

    This is the coolest cat. #55

  • arnold kiss

    Is it ok to have the intention to make a community of women pity you? Man up,man,just get back to life and don't pity yourself…If you don't have any friends by your side to tell you this,there is something wrong..

  • mary jane

    #29 – you are HOT!!! ~ amazing body:)

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