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    This is, as always, full of awws:), but…
    Seriously, Harry Potter? You cut it? What kinda person are you? Hopefully you at least bought a new book for that😦 sorry, I would freak out. It's a cute idea, though:)

  • antdak

    The Berry, Emily: I really, really do love the site, and these Love gallery's. But it seem you just limit the love to hetero couples. I would love to see a mix of lesbian and gay coules as well. Love is just not limited to hetero couples.

    • Wavien

      I'm sure she isn't homophobic, and while I see your point, I don't think many straight guys/girls wants to look at guys/girls kissing or whatnot. There is nothing wrong with it, but it (at least to me) seems sort of inappropriate. Also, less than 10% are homosexual, so what would a business do to make money? Go for the larger share of customers…

      • http://twitter.com/Tarragonist @Tarragonist

        I wouldn't mind gay-pics, but it's obvious that most of us are straight. And posts like these… I mean, you don't really think about it, you just post cute pictures.
        I hate it when people say that there should always be gay couples just because they exist. Well, post some, and we'll see if they ger here.

        • ChasJones

          I'm a big ol' gay and would love to see more of EVERYone sharing love… not just boys and girls, girls and girls, or boys and boys… the variety IS the unexplainable of love and makes it exciting and heartwarming to see in beautiful photos no matter who is in them.

          BUT. OF. COURSE. people enjoy seeing themselves reflected in a post such as this though… its about LOVE… everyone wants love.

  • http://twitter.com/Tarragonist @Tarragonist

    Really big fan, yeah😉
    But hey, it's just me. I would love it, I'm just saying that I wouldn't like him to cut a book that he knows I love. And of course I was thinking of my own realtionship here…
    I'm not making any sense, god's sake.
    Have a fine weekend everyone, okay?

  • dread

    I was unaware that gay love is somehow different than your run of the mill straight love…the pictures are still full of awww.

  • Astra

    I am starting to wonder about the berry…

    It's clear that even though the gay community is a minority, gay couples are part of modern life!

    We see our friends and family both straight and gay having loving relationships and there are moments they share that make us go 'aww'. Regardless of sexual orientation.

    I agree pictures shouldn't be posted to fill a quota, but to avoid it entirely? It seems a bit silly.

  • antdak

    I am not suggesting the whole site turn over to the gay community, I am just saying that a picture of a same sex couple hugging once in awhile would be nice to see.

  • Claude M.

    There's more to love than boy meets girl.

    Consider what it would be like if there were never any pictures here of couples who are people of color or no Asian or African American men in the Afternoon Eye Candy. It would be readily recognized as evidence of prejudice.

    Dread wrote: "I was unaware that gay love is somehow different than your run of the mill straight love.."

    The point is that being left out all the time creates the impression that our relationships don't count as love – and considering that professional homophobes like Maggie Gallagher claim that homosexuality is not about love at all – being left out all the time from photo essays about love is degrading. Keep in mind, even today there are people who actively suppress any positive or neutral acknowledgement of homosexuality in public – from lying about the private lives of famous GLBTQ people to attempted legislation that would ban any mention of us in public schools.

    We wouldn't have computers to look at pictures on the internet without the work of a gay man – computer code was invented by a gay man, Alan Turing. His sexual orientation is still rarely acknowledge, even though he was crucial in the Allied win in world war II and later chemically tortured for being gay. That's the price of invisibility.

    And that invisibility is a huge part of why GLBTQ teens are still bullied and still committing suicide – so much of what they and their straight peers ever see or hear are the negative and degrading crap from folks like Fred Phelps, NOM, and the Catholic church – people who claim that homosexuality is just evil lust. Imagine how it feels to GLBTQ kids when they never see their kind of relationships here. Imagine how helpful it would be to them if they did see relationships like theirs included here.

    Just being included once in awhile could make a world of difference.

    • ChasJones

      Well said…:)

  • Rachel

    I wouldn't mind seeing gays kissing… I think everyone should be welcome, I don't think it's inappropriate. I thought we were moving on from that?

  • http://ram0singhal.wordpress.com ram0ram

    it is always lovely …..thanks for your efforts…..love all.

  • Diana Santos

    #16 so beautiful..

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  • itsaboutperspective

    well we have to try to change everything to meet everyones wants. I am all for gay, lesbian etc.. however, if you don't like the music, don't you change the channel not try to change the station?

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