Afternoon eye candy: Hot Men of theBERRY! (48 photos)


WOW. Just wow. You wanted real men so here they are! Whether it was a photo of yourself (thank you CHIVERS) or a pic of your friend or boyfriend, these pictures are unbelievable. Click HERE or send photos to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. You get bonus points if you hold up a sign that says hi BERRY ladies, etc. -- be creative! Thanks, Emily

Click SUBMIT to send your photo in for Hot Men of theBERRY!

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  • Ashley

    All of you are smokin' hot. We are lucky ladies here at theBerry. Thank you guys for showing us some love, and you've got some lucky girlfriends! #14 #2 #36

  • Black Mask

    #8 FTW… oh God I hope you're legal… :D

  • Angel

    AAAA #17 Booked for engagement! Where's Kylie's homie??…. $1000 Reward if found. Referentials only xD

  • daisygirl81

    yay! moar! lol<3

  • tag

    Funny to see comments on hear from women that are similar to the very male responses seen over on theChive on Fridays.

    Not saying I wouldn't expect that, I just feel like men are more vocal about it then women are.

  • gines

    All this thread did was remind me how long it's been since I've placed my hands/tongue along abdominal muscles :(

  • egos4lunch

    #28for the win! :)

  • Jessicaaa

    Okay, so! Mac.. you need to take a shirtless pic! Also, I'm loving this post.. but, we need MOAR! Enough of these half a**ed pics.. #27 showed you all up! Thats what I'm talking about.. shirts OFF fellas! ;0)

  • Jessicaaa

    Oh! and #2… you are delicious! More, please!

  • LIV

    oh herro… emailing link to home computer… not so appropriate for work LAWLZ… but i will absofreakinlutely look at this at home

  • LIV

    i think this one is my favorite… i cant dub it favorite yet… MUST SEE FACE NAO

  • joanne

    All of them so hott!

  • whatever

    way to go, male attention seekers!
    Seen better and done better but, hey, I am sure they are nice. Or rich.

    • Angel

      No sorry, hopeless i'm stuck on #17 and least i want him as my mutual friend

  • LIV

    #44 looks high as hell lol hahahaha

  • Jacqui Vargas

    not gonna lie… i'm hooked… lol

  • Anonymous

    #36, you are utterly adorable.

  • AnnaR86

    I want all of them to post more but i NEED more from #27 and #39
    Oh and #44 has beautiful eyes

  • Alexis

    # 7 # 46 # 39 please report to my bed room now

  • Anonymous

    amazing boys!!

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