• bubblerider86

    GAH!!!! Yes indeed!!!!…..except care bears, never could watch that….. ^_^

  • flibble

    I introduced my little sister (14 this year, I am 28) to Bossom via the intarweb tubez. she is hooked. mwahahahaha.

    • hugoi

      do you mean blossom? i used to wear hats like her:)

  • Amelia

    Boy Meets World is the greatest sitcom of all time.

  • Angie

    OK What is # 14?!?! I remember the characters but cannot think of the name to save my life! HELP! lol

    • Laura

      I was going to post the same question. Can't figure it out, but I know I used to watch it!

      • Traci

        It's Zoobilee Zoo! I thought I was the only one who watched it when I was little. Nobody I know has heard of it!

        • Jeo

          I was about to post the same question!!! Thanks for the name:) And no you weren't the only one who watched it:)

    • Terrance

      Haha, I was about to post this same question!!! So funny.

  • Amy Lynette Banton

    I love these:) Awesomeness.

  • ale

    #9 and #10… all the way!

  • Magna

    #27- you just cannot beat the original (probably why it didn't last long)

    • napamamascribe

      Did anyone really watch The New Class?

  • chrisdg74

    #20 – Night Court FTW!

  • napamamascribe

    #11 one of my favorite romances of all time

  • That Guy

    #27 i can't believe they got a cast to try to look and act like the original. man execs were so dumb in the 90's. new class my ass.

  • misschris

    #14 – OMFG Zoobilee Zoo!!! "Zoobilee Zoo, Zoobilee Zoo, magic and wonder are waiting for you!"

  • MsAnonymous

    Soo many wonderful memories indeed

  • Jenn

    ❤ all of these!! I miss my childhood TV, bunch of crap now!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Rocko's Modern Life, Boy Meets World, and Dinosaurs ftmfw!

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  • Foodie

    No Alf? >:

  • katemary

    haha love so many of these especially #9 and #10! I used to watch #15 with my mom!

  • hugoi

    i still watched it as a kid though:)

  • Molly

    HAHA!! Love #14 too!!! I could never think of the name/find it after intense internet searches.

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