• http://twitter.com/Wavien_G @Wavien_G

    #23 Darn that sucks😦

    • Steffi

      same thing happened to me but it was muuch worse.. had to take picture before rushing to the shower, too late now

    • Ali

      haha oh no! I almost did that for my bf's bday – glad I got lazy and bought cake instead!

  • Jessica Herbert

    Yes, yes it did. lol

  • Amelia

    #11 GENIUS.
    #36 Oh, hot damn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennyfer-Weisbecker/505442743 Jennyfer Weisbecker

    #24 – Yeah man! My grandma was stylin' in 1953. Thanks for posting my picture!

    • mimi

      very pretty:)

      • Jennyfer Weisbecker


  • Lynne Sandilands

    #36 What lovely eyes you have…OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • neutraldespot

    I want most of the items on the table in #25

  • Franklin D

    #32 ????? who's this?

  • kim

    Hahaha, laughed so hard I spilled hot tea on myself! Maybe the chocolate needs to cool down a little before balloons go in :]

    • DistractedIndividual

      Hmm…I'm trying to think of an alternative…
      Water balloons (Thicker)
      Somesort of plastic ball with a light coating of PAM/butter to release it

      Anyone else have any ideas for a solution? I would like to make these:)

      • Jessica Herbert

        We did end up getting about 7 of them to work. I think they were just crappy balloons. I used water balloons and the chocolate was just melted, not very warm at all.

        But when the first balloon popped in my hand as I was coating it in chocolate, I screamed like an 8 year old girl and I might have wet myself just a bit.:)

        • kim

          that's so funny! i'm glad you got some to finally work! maybe get big balloons and barely fill them with air that way the rubber is a little thicker. now i have to try this!

          • Jessica Herbert

            That's what I would probably do. There's no way I'm ever making them again of course but if I did that's what I'd do.:)

  • http://twitter.com/Ambrocious @Ambrocious

    You're grandmother looked gorgeous in it, too.

    • http://twitter.com/Ambrocious @Ambrocious

      *your – wow…need coffee.

    • Jennyfer Weisbecker

      well thank ya darlin'

  • Jeff Albertson

    #9 spocktapus?

  • deh-ribeiro

    #23 fill them with water !

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