• napamamascribe

    #10 doesnt everyone?

    • DistractedIndividual

      All the time:)

      • Portibi

        something that hurt his ego. to me that was so trivial, but he is a super eostgiic man, so what can i say? he is entitled to his feelings. he doesn’t do this too frequently, and we are really so in love during good times, which is most of the time. so i had decided to put up with it as best as i can. he tried to understand and accommodate my pms mood swings too. so i am determined not to react by saying i want to break up, which pops into my mind all the time. how i cope: i tell myself he cannot control himself, just like i cannot control my pms mood swings. i also tell myself his purpose is to cool down so that he can come back. i try not to think that he is not respecting me, although this is how i feel. yes he is childish to do this, but so far this is his only serious short coming, so i want to accommodate it. i also tell myself he is not himself now, and i am not going to give up the relationship just because of this temporary insanity. he is a lovely man, he has many good points. of course, there is a limit. if he does this too frequently , i will walk out. but not now. yet.

  • DistractedIndividual

    #3 made me think of Cocktail…Tom Cruz's best role:)

    • Trent

      Uh…..no. Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men?

  • Dingo8MyBaby

    #1 Looks like Harley from Epic Meal Time. And I wouldn't put wearing pink socks past the guy either.

  • Problem?

    #2 I feel ya /:

  • bumblefish1985

    I have the exact same writing as #7. Weird.

  • Chelsea

    #6 actually made me cry.

    • Becky

      He/She didn't say it made him/her sad, he/she just said it happened. Maybe we shouldn't judge. Made me laugh.

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