Coupla things I’ve been craving… (39 photos)


Click HERE for Mario Batali’s Spaghetti alla Carbonara recipe!

Click HERE for more food pics!

  • amy

    I clicked on this post thinking I'd regret it but instead of regret I feel inspired.


    • onlunchbreak

      I now have the need to make those kiwi-chocolate-thingies ;)

      • thedix

        ye those things are brilliant, i wanna try that out too
        and #31
        damn i regret i've opened this, i'm starving now

  • Suri

    What exactly is #18? I want it.

  • Lynne Sandilands

    I am utterly starving. 1 of each – except the sushi. :D

  • SirCumsAlot

    put #33 #28 #3 all together & I'm set!

  • DesertLorelei

    #37…I just finished eating cereal out of a bowl with that exact same pattern. Awesome!

  • mskris

    Did #31 yest for my mom…. and saved myself a few :)

  • Alyssa Petersen

    #35 holy mother of god look at all that cheese! mmmm and #9 looks soooo good!

  • kyoshizen

    #1 is from this site
    and believe me, they taste every bit as amazing as they look! I recognized that picture instantly because I've brought up that post many times for the recipe!

    And if you like torturing yourself with amazing pictures of delicious food, check out

  • sixdeadelves

    so hungry

  • Romy

    I made chocolate kiwi (#5) one time when i was making chocolate strawberries and had too much choc left over. Its so good!

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