• misschris

    #5 Is pretty cool

    • equalizermax

      I don't mind having that too

  • WhatWillBee

    The freaky ass toes in #26 are by far much worse than the tattoos

  • DistractedIndividual

    #29 Classy bro, way to tell them whats up:)

  • Clarice

    Even if some of the tattoos aren't your taste, you have to admit that some of them were done by incredibly talented tattoo artists. Also, #6 Silence of the Lambs reference ftw.

    • Ripple

      yeah this one is pretty sweet, neck tattoos are awesome as long as dont mind limiting ur career to min wage or a tattoo shop

      • Sid Vicious

        Limiting career? I am fully tattooed from head to toe and own 2 restaurants one in NYC and one in LA. And about to open another one in NYC and im only 27…. And What? Dont judge people just beacuse of neck tatttoos and other bullshit. Its the drive in the person that makes them successful. But whocares judge anyone you want guy. i dont give a fuck.

        • Ripple

          you sold me sir, i need to move to new york! i have sleeves and a bunch of facial piercings (living in PA near Pittsburgh) and its nothing but hate around here. i lucked out with a mgmt position for the time being but i got friends tatted up that cant land shit. i agree on the drive though got some lazy ass friends!

        • Wade Wilson

          Well, to be fair- I'm pretty sure @27 your career status was primarily fueld by your parent's money. Not to mention, your ink was also paid for with mommy & daddy's money.
          But way to get defensive about it, Sally.
          P.S. Sid Viscious was a joke, that dude didn't even know how to play the fuckng bass. LMFAOWBYM

  • napamamascribe

    #5 is actually kinda cool.

  • Diana Santos


    • equalizermax

      Now, where did I drop my kitchen knife?

  • http://toprice.ie/ TOPRICE.IE

    #23 is my fav… wtf? ;d

  • TheVillageIdiot

    This merely confirms what I've said for years. People who get tattoos are idiots, douchebags or just losers in general.

    • Bonnie

      May I point out your name, 'TheVillageIdiot' fits your profile. A tattoo is a personal choice and is not necessarily a reflection of the bearer's personality.

  • Sam

    The problem with tattoos is that people think they are 'art' now. It used to be cool when bikers and sailors had tattoos to show that they were tough. Now every soccer mom and suburban douche-bag has them so they are officially not cool anymore.

    • Dick

      Shut the fuck up.

    • Wade Wilson

      Ooooh, you smell that folks? It smells like hispter spirit to me…elitist fuck.
      Tattoo's are art. Try tattooing somebody yourself sometime, and propmtly shove you foot in you mouth.
      Fucking jackass.

    • Tattooed girl

      Oh my god Sam and TheVillageIdiot, you are sooo stupid this is very funny.

      Tattoo IS 'art', you dumass. You only know the story of tatoo from an Occidental view when it came back after years of repression by the church. I became popular again around 1800 in Ingland when the Captain Cook came back with form Oceania and his men were tattooed from there (polynesian, maori tattoo), So yeah since this time it was most sailors, bikers, hookers, prisonners who were tattooed, just because Occidental country were so ridiculously puritan (and we can see that some people's mind hasn't really evolved since).

      But tattoo is an art expression and also something really personal, it's not only for some kind of culture like maori or japanese as some think. Corporal modifications have always been a part of human kind (piercing, tattoing, even coloring your hair, whatever the level of modification it's always about having a control of our esthetic), and tattoo existed in all cultures even the occidental one (until the Church take the control of everything and decide what is ok, and what is not).

      For your information, we found that neandertal people were tattoing also.
      Please open your mind and learn a litlle bit about tattoo or even art globally, you'll sound wayyyyy less stupid😀

      • Spankster

        Ok, this is going to be fun:

        dumbass, not dumass
        it, not I
        England, not Ingland
        came back, not came back with
        from, not form
        ., not ,
        mostly, not most
        prisoners, not prisonners
        haven't, not hasn't
        tattoo, not tattoo
        took, not take
        neandertal is acceptable, but neanderthal is preferred.

        Now, what were you saying about sounding less stupid?

        • Tattooed girl

          Men, I'm not an english native speaker, of course I'm not totally fluent and I'm still doing a lot of mistakes.
          "It not I" as "from not form" and some others are keyboard mistakes though.

          LOL, I'm living in an english speaking country for 4 years, and yes I'm still don't have a perfect english -not sure I will one day, but I still improve it everyday- but I work there, I live there, I've got a good job, I good pay, and I'm able to communicate with everybody.

          Not sure that YOU are able to do the same in another country where the official language is not your native one.
          Are you even able to speak another language ?😀

          Seriously, you don't have something else that my grammar to attack ? Pathetic (is pathetic well written ? ahah😀 )

          • Tattooed girl

            Man and not Men… hahahah !!!😀

        • whatever

          Yeah, let's make fun of someone who is not a native speaker, obviously.
          But I am sure you could translate Tattoed Girl's post into several other languages without using any translators. No?
          So, maybe you are not as smart as you think.

          • Berry@work

            You guys are responding to a person named "Spankster" , Seriously?!

            That is all.

  • Ripple

    #7 pretty sweet

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  • Max

    whats up w/ the berry/chive anit-tattoo take? Some of those are amazing.

    • Nocturnesthesia

      I agree, most of these are pretty cool (or too small to be noticeable at any rate)…
      I think #3 is just airbrushed though. And #23… well, the tattoos are the least of this guy's problems.

  • scott

    this comment is to the people who run this website – A) stop hating on tattoos and B) its called a tattoo MACHINE, not a tattoo gun. sincerely, a tattoo artist.

    • USMC

      Funny cause the guy who did mine sang this is my rifle this is my gun while doing my USMC tattoo.

  • Skid


    duckface fail

  • ana

    weird or not, some of those are pretty well executed

  • Joel

    While I admit majority of those I would never get myself (never saw the appeal of the face tattoos), you can't generalize and say that all people that get tattoos only get them to be cool. Some people get tattoos that have real personal meaning to them. One example, Nolan Smith. College basketball player watched his dad die as he was sitting on a cruise while he was a kid. To honor his memory, he gets a tattoo of his father's face with the words "Forever watching". I'm pretty sure he got that for himself, rather than trying to look cool to others.

  • sean

    #16 and #20 eyebrow tattoos on a guys face look hilarious, how do you walk around in public with that on your face

  • Motis

    I have tattoo's of dragons cause my mother liked them and a Indian woman on my arm in memory of my mother but some of these are just attention getters and Bullshit!!

  • Mmmandiii

    I dunno, some of these are pretty cool! Like #22 , #5 , and #3 And #29 is just hilarious!

  • Kim

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with about half of these.
    The Sweeney Todd one is badass!

  • http://www.facebook.com/That.Punk.Bish Jessika Acklin

    #25 cute:) i wanna get that done❤

  • jon

    Tattoos show self hatred, a disfigurement that is abominable. Idiots.

    • Bonnie

      If you say so.

  • weird1

    16,18,19 & 20 are the same guy. Unless 3 different guys have the same "one of a kind" tattoo on their forehead. the same thing through the nose and the same radioactive danger symbol on their right cheek. And the same bull horns on his chin, eyebrows, cheek and nose. Really dude What's with all the bullhorns?
    I think they just should have made sure they put the pics of him in chronological order. Some captions would have been nice. I like to hear what people were thinking when they put these outlandish designs on their bodies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=762261832 Ema Matijasec


  • http://www.facebook.com/eubles Jenny Michele

    Number nine spelled Virgin wrong.

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