• lexxy

    love #7!!

  • Shes_jinxed

    what is the name of the game in #5 I remember I had it and loved it but forgot its name I think you had to collect an enitre set of jewels

    • Magna

      Pretty Pretty Princess!!:)

  • VampJenn

    totally loved that movie as a kid #7

  • bubblerider86

    excuse me while i go and raid my movie collection…..i have the sudden urge for a "nostalgia" movie marathon…starting with #7 !

  • fozzie66

    #4 Weeeeee!!!!!

  • yh66600

    I still watch #2.

    • melon


  • http://toprice.ie/ TOPRICE.IE


  • sam

    I always have and always will love the breakfast club

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