Afternoon eye candy: Hot Men of theBERRY! (39 photos)

Hi! I have a small feeling that Hot Men of theBERRY is going to become a weekly thing... and by small I mean big. Thank you so much of sending pics of yourself (go CHIVERS!) or of your boyfriends or friends.

AWESOME instructions: Be creative! You get bonus points if you write BERRY on your body or hold up a sign that says hi BERRY ladies, etc. Click SUBMIT or send photos to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. We can't do this post without your hotness. Thanks, Emily & Megan aka Super Hybrid

Click SUBMIT to send your photo in for Hot Men of theBERRY!

Click HERE for more shirtless fun!

  • Ashley

    Hello #18! We have international Berry men! #37, #26, #5, you guys are inspiring me to travel more😉. Holy crap, whoever's boyfriend #30 is, she's a lucky girl. LOVE the facial hair.❤ #33. Thanks to all the boys sending stuff in! Please keep it going, we all absolutely love you!

  • @Shrogface

    people hate too hard on here.

  • tata

    #1 first pic kinda eewww =/
    #10 soo sensual:p
    #30 o my Lord, yummy chocolate! eight packs i guess

  • lacey jay

    i really do hope that this becomes a weekly posting… it's FANTASTIC!

    #13 – you are SO CUTE!
    #27 – great hair!! nice glasses… but let's see your eyes.
    #30 – are you for real??! do you think you're god's gift or what? nice bod, no doubt… but has anyone ever told you that modesty is actually SUPER SEXY. and that, is something you obviously lack. too bad.
    #35 – DANG! you look smoking hot. from the side view, anyways. nice work – to your gf!!

    • Sarah

      #30 ahaha. that was his GIRL that sent that photo in, not him. she's lucky, he's very modest. and insanely sexy.

  • sam

    #23 is adorable!!!

  • espresso

    #17 – you look like Ryan Gosling only sexier. Btw construction workers are HOT!!

  • Jessicaaa

    So many hotties, mmMmm. Thank you for the shirtless pics :0) #'s 24 & 36 – takin it to a new level.. I love it. MOAR please! ❤

  • Jessicaaa

    oh and #3… you are delicious ;0)

  • Jessicaaa

    #32- your next 4 weeks on disability should be dedicated to sexy berry pics.. much appreciated!

  • Sarah

    #30 yeah, i'm the lucky one that submitted that photo. you're welcome ladies!!

  • Bruno Mignaco

    #22 made it!
    I'm sending one smiling this week😉

  • Connielette

    #18 kinda looks like ashton kutcher
    #20 you're oh so cute and even more with that berry sign!

  • Balorati


  • Lisa

    All are amazing. #9 made me stop. And look. And smile. Ahhhhhhhh Berry. You are my favorite flavor. :)

  • emma366

    #25 is soooo cute! Moar!😉

  • x_Jaz_x

    #36 Feel free to send me the rest of your photos :p

  • Alexis

    where i can i find # 29 # 10 # 6 # 36 # 3 i want to put hands all over abs and maybe even there dicks

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