• onthespotphotography

    Those were def awesome!

  • amjz

    she's smoking a cigarette

    • nkb

      i meant it sarcastically.

    • bryanbarbeau

      and not actually putting out good music.

      • Arrow

        Good for her. She's not being influenced by the haters and actually loves herself just the way she is. Something a lot of people should strive for. A lot of skinny, fit, "perfect" people have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, etc. Overweight does not mean unhealthy. She is NOT fat anyway. Yeah, a few extra pounds but there's nothing wrong with that. She Looks better than a bag of bones with no ass and no breasts…the curves that a woman should have. Do we know for sure that she smokes? Maybe it's just a picture prop like they have used a million times before. Even if she does smoke, so what. Many people get lung cancer and throat cancer even though they never smoked. Her music may not be the best but it beats ANY and ALL types of rap crap that's being put out by all the thugs.

  • Diana Santos

    #13 that is just perfect!

    • walkingtheriver

      I want it

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #50 Now thats just to funny….LOL

  • Balorati

    #35 and #45, Love Cam Gigandet and Ryan Kwantlen! Especially when they're shirtless!

  • smerkohyeah

    #15 Snore Snore Snore Vapid SNORE

  • doot

    Cam Gigandet or whatever is an awful actor. Why does no one see this? Him and Christian Bale.

  • fdr

    there are plenty of in-shape people who put out great albums, and plenty of fat people who put out lame albums.

  • poppy

    who was that chick above Lohan from 38?

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