Schwarzenegger’s household mistress revealed (3 photos)

Mildred Baena is the housekeeper who had Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret child. Yesterday, we reported on Today’s Celebrity Rundown that Arnold fathered a child with a housekeeper. Arnold had a child out of wedlock with her a decade ago. Today, we have pictures of the mistress and the child thought to be Schwarzenegger’s son via MySpace. To protect the privacy of the boy, we will not show his face or reveal his name.

Reports say that the Baena threatened to go public with details of their affair after he fired her. Arnold decided to finally step up and confessed having a love child to wife, Maria Shiver, before the secret came out.


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  • Nancy

    She keeps going back about how she was fired. Having an affair with her boss husband is enough reason to be fired… It was not a right to be able to be employed there. If they chose to let her go after so many years "so be it". Her choice about not telling anyone who's child it was for fourteen years should not be put upon her as if she did something wonderful. What she should be doing is asking apologizing to Mrs Swartzneggar and the children involved for what she has done.

    • whatever

      Actually, he was the married one. So I don't know why she should apologize to anyone (who is this Mrs Swartzneggar you are talking of?) not even Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger's soon to be ex-wife. He is the one that should apologize. Maybe it wasn't so much her choice to tell noone of the kid as well.

  • bht


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