Beyonce ‘Run the World (Girls)’ video revealed

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Last night (May 18), Beyonce unveiled the anticipated video “Run the World (Girls)” on American Idol. So what stood out? Along with the fact that the video took place on some deserted African nation, the superstar included unique/exotic choreography. Also, she flipped off haters and had remarkably outrageous wardrobe changes.

Click HERE to see beautiful high-res pictures of Beyonce!

  • Knuckledonkey


  • TicTac

    meh 2

  • Thisish

    She's reached a point in her career where she thinks she's untouchable and can release god awful things and people will still buy it. Too bad she doesnt know it just sucks.

  • Rick

    Beyonce's overwhelmingly annoying dominance of feminism is getting out played =_=

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