Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (40 photos)

This post is epic! Thank you so much for sending pics of yourself (yaya CHIVERS!) or of your boyfriends and friends. Keep 'em coming!

AWESOME instructions: Be creative! You get bonus points if you write BERRY on your body or hold up a sign that says hi BERRY ladies, etc. Click SUBMIT or send photos to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. We can't do this post without your hotness. Thanks, Emily & Megan aka Super Hybrid

Click SUBMIT to send your photo in for Hot Men of theBERRY!

Click HERE for more shirtless fun!

  • lexxy

    #22 #26 #32 (L)

  • bettybing

    Goodness me, this made me go all bitey at my laptop screen. I will take any one of them thank you.:)

  • Peter

    #24. If you're in Iraq why the hell do you have a BFA (blank firing adapter) on the end of your weapon. Sorry but your bother is lying to you. He is NOT in Iraq.

  • Anonymous

    #6 show your cute italian face please😀

  • Chels

    Awesome post!!!! Keep this going!!

  • Darc

    #26 Is my totalt favorite!!😉
    Maybe you should just go across the water and visit me in Denmark😉 RRRAAUUWW

  • Ava


  • Jayne

    All great posts! #20 and #22… Bless you. Can't wait to see MOAR:)

  • Nope

    #25 Well lady, you are definitely not very lucky if you want the truth

  • Shelby

    # 26, you made my day (:

  • jessie

    #21 and #38…dam boys!…and #9 I❤ u!! but rly all sooooo good…loving the men of the berry!!…maybe this should be come a regular thing!..they need a cute nicknames like the chivettes got though!

  • idunno

    Ahahah #18 is me.

  • Rebecca

    omg, somebody please give me number 26's and 28's number. ❤❤❤
    Thank you sexy men!

  • cmonstur

    #6 #28 #32 #35

    Mmmmmmnfff these are some gorgeous men! Yesssss pleaseeeeee.

  • lacey jay

    holy shit!!! this weeks posts were UNREAL. great work.

  • lacey jay


    #1 – holy DANG!
    #8 – you know you're hot when you're wearing clothes – and still look super deece.
    #10 – you already know your eyes are incredible.
    #26 – oh, they do. you're so yummy.
    #28 – you. so hot. not even my type at all… but so hot!!
    #29 – #34 – nice work, dudes.

    oh. so good! such great posts this week.

  • kell

    I agree! love norwegians

  • The Euro Boy

    Thanks a lot to the ladies who selected me, even though I don't look half as good as the sexy Chivettes
    I'm #29
    (But I'm a free man, not a number !)

  • Nicole

    I have mucho love for all you fine ass men!!! you have nooo idea what a turn on all you confident guys are.
    I can't narrow down my favorites this time but please more like #20 i Love how the football looks😉

  • nicole

    okay i picked my faves… #4 Face pleaseeeeee!!!!!! #31 #22 #8 HAWTT.

  • Yola Reese

    #26 I looooove you!!!❤
    A smile's definitely the best, gives me a big reason to go to Norway!!

  • Problem?

    #22 MOAR!

  • Kat


  • James TheSaint Harbour

    Im Number 22, Very Flattered By All The Feed Back. Want More Let Me Know

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