• llano2

    They are fine, just not for this site.

    • Caroline

      They are fine for all! Love is love is love is love!!!

  • bluenotebetty

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for number 7! I had asked a few months ago if you could post same sex pictures and got negative feed back… I'm so happy you did! (although I'm a lesbian) it means a lot! Thank you! Happy Friday!

    • antdak

      I totally agree! It made my heart leap to see this in today Love Is. .. gallery! Thank You, Emily!

    • Mogoul

      Same here. I'm gay and I like this gallery, but I always hope to see a picture of a same sex couple and today, I did! You made my day!

  • tEDDY

    I am so happy for photo no. 7. This warmed my heart. Whoop whoop. Hope. Thank you!

  • SirCumsAlot

    #7 I think this pic was posted on the wrong site… it belongs on theBanana

  • SirCumsAlot

    #7 is that jean claude van damme on the left? is that what happened to his career?

  • Rachel

    Wow… Haters gonna hate I guess! On the other hand I think #7 is lovely and beautiful!

  • Leslie

    Thanks for all the alternative couples this go round!

  • Carmen

    I don't understand why #7 wouldn't belong on this site. I usually just skim through these "love" pics but I stopped at that one and really smiled. Umm… on a side note… do you think you could add a few BBW/BHM love pics? I'm sure I'll get some interesting comments because of that but as a BBW, I rarely ever see smiling/happy/in-love pics of a BBW or BHM and that makes it seem like "hey you don't look like these type of people, so you won't be in love like them". Just sayin!

  • nova

    Yay for #7 and the diversity shown here, but I would even ask for a little more? Politely, of course, since it is not my job to dictate your posts, but larger couples, couples of colour, and maybe lesbians? (Seriously thankful for the gay couple, but just…still no lesbians?)

  • Keep it interesting

    Woop! Love all the love. Well done berry – but don't stop there. We got a taste for it now!


  • so over the Berry

    # 7 Sick sick SICK!!! No more Berry crap for me! Go back in the closet where you belong!! Thanks for ruining what was a great site.

  • TheLucky1

    Wow!!! Gotta say I stopped at #7 with shock…but I love it!!! In good taste as well!

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